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Dr. Judith Boice

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Judith L. Boice, N.D., L.Ac.

Dr. Boice's interview with Sallie Felton Life Coach, broadcast 6/24/10. The web address is nonstandard so you might get a warning from your security software. To listen click on link below:

Dr. Boice's interview with Sheryl W. Turgeon, MPH, CHC, CMMS Certified Health, Nutrition and Life Purpose Coach broadcast April 25th on Your Health Potential Radio Show

Listen to Dr. Boice on Real Coaching Radio Network with Steve Toth broadcast on Jan 31, 2010. To listen to the radio show you will need to register and log in. You can listen to an edited version of the audio by clicking here . There were some technical difficulties during the call and they have been edited out.

Here's Dr. Boice on youtube explaining naturopathic medicine.

The Oct 30 interview with Dr. Gluss on Radio Dr. Gluss. Dr. Boice's portion of the show starts at 47 minutes into the show.

Radio For Your Health A Podcast Network Channel Natural Health Yak - Menopause with Science and Soul October 30th, 2009. To listen click here, Dr. Boice's interview is down the page.

Personal Life Media - Aging Gratefully Episode 12: Menopause with Science and Soul with Dr. Judith Boice To listen to the interview click here. You can view the transcript here.

Best Guest Digest the best Source for radio and TV interviews lists Judith on page 22. Please contact Judith directly to schedule her.

Liah Howard's Radio Show: Mind, Body, Spirit An Inspirational Talk Radio Show on Maui, Hawaii 12-1pm Thursdays on KAOI , 1110 AM To listen to the mp3 click here.

The Wide World of Health 06/24 H. 1
Cary talks with Judith Boice about the book "Menopause with Science and Soul". Listen to mp3 click here.