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"But My Doctor Never Told Me That!": Secrets For Creating Lifelong Health

Have you tried to change your diet or start an exercise program, only to end up in the same place a few months later? Have you given up on your dreams of health and vitality because you were unsure of how to begin? Discover the secrets for living a long and healthy life that even your physician may not know. Learn the basics of a healthy lifestyle and how to structure your life to achieve your vision of health.
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Ancient Secrets, Modern Ways: Combining the best of conventional and classical medicine

For health care providers: How can health care providers combine the best of modern medical technology with natural therapeutics? Does working with state of the art diagnostic testing preclude the possibility of prescribing natural remedies? Our current conventional health care system weds medical diagnostic technology with a particular treatment approach - drugs and surgery. Diagnostic methods, however, do not automatically dictate the most appropriate treatment methods. This presentation explores the marriage of medical technology with the most appropriate treatment, or combination of treatments. This presentation explores a new medical structure - a patient-centered model that focuses on creating health - that encourages diverse health care providers to collaborate in an interdisciplinary approach.

For the general public: Discover how you can work with your doctor to combine the best of modern medical technology with the most appropriate therapies. Classical medicine, i.e. health care systems that predate conventional medicine, can work in concert with modern medical technology to optimize your health. Learn how to establish a collaborative relationship with your physician and choose the most appropriate treatments to fulfill your health goals.

Health in the Fast Lane

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired, but too overworked to take a break? Discover ways of supporting your health while still meeting the demands of a job, family, and social obligations. Learn how to eat well, keep fit, and stay on course in the fast lane.

Menopause: Naturally

By the year 2000 over fifty million women in the United States will be menopausal. In our culture, many women enter this transitional period with little understanding of the physical, emotional, and hormonal changes they may experience. This talk focuses on

  • lifestyle choices that can effect menopausal symptoms
  • the functions of the reproductive hormones in the body
  • hormonal interactions and changes as women move through menopause
  • factors to consider in choosing whether or not to take hormone replacement therapy.

Combining sound lifestyle choices, a strong support network, and appropriate supplements (if necessary), women can move gracefully through this life transition.
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Make No Bones About It: Optimizing Bone Health

Over 25 million people in the United States suffer from osteoporosis, or loss of bone mineral density, and the majority of this group are women. Fortunately several lifestyle factors positively effect bone mineral density, including diet, exercise, and nutrient supplementation. Although most efforts to support bone health begin later in life, the best time to prevent osteoporosis is during the teenaged and early adult years. We will also examine the effects of hormones on bone health and discuss which tests are most appropriate to monitor bone mineral density. buy the cassette

Natural First Aid for Home and Travel

This half-day seminar introduces the principles of using homeopathy and botanical medicine for first aid. You will learn the contents of a natural first aid kit and how to use the remedies for common ailments and emergency situations. The kit can stay at home or travel with you. The U.S. Forest Service has used this training and first aid kit for seasonal survey crews.

Dancing Between Heaven and Earth: An introduction to Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine offers an elegant system of diagnosing and treating the body that often produces "miraculous" effects. Although these cures seem miraculous from a western medical perspective, they are predictable within the Chinese medical paradigm. Our western instruments have difficulty recording what the Chinese have known and sensed for thousands of years through more subtle diagnostic methods. We will explore the foundations of Chinese medicine including the concepts of yin and yang, the five elements, meridians, environmental factors that influence the body, and seasonal health maintenance.

A Woman's Time: Women's Health Care Through the Life Cycle (60 minute presentation OR full day seminar with many experiential exercises)

Women's needs change as they move into adolescence, young adulthood, motherhood, maturity, and finally into their elder years. We will explore healthy approaches to the transitional periods in a woman's life, with a focus on providing health-based rather than symptom-based care, and the possibility of graceful change.

Nutrition for Optimal Health

Discover how food effects your body and your mood. Explore the foundations of a healthy diet, and learn simple ways to incorporate that information in your daily life. This presentation will help you discover how to improve your health while losing weight and cutting grocery bills. We will also demystify nutritional myths about fats and high protein diets.

Beyond the Five Senses: Mental and emotional health

Our bodies, minds, emotions, and spirit all contribute to health and well being. This presentation explores and explodes some of the common myths about emotional influences on health, e.g. the influence of "positive thinking," and the myth of "healthy emotions." Discover how our thoughts and feelings contribute to the creation of health.

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