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See Books for some of my books:

daily activism

The Art of Daily Activism
The Art of Daily Activism is an invaluable guide to making the most of the politics of day-to-day life, combining the lessons of the mind, the heart, and a lifetime's experience. Envision a life worthy of your living and then create that vision in your daily life. "This book is for those who have dreamed, awakened to disillusionment, and remained determined to realize the stuff of dreams in the daily waking world. The heroes and heras are you and I, and our time is now."


"But My Doctor Never Told Me That!": Secrets for creating lifelong health
"But My Doctor Never Told Me That!" unveils the secrets for creating lifelong health. You will learn how to make choices that support your vision of health, choose foods that nourish your body, develop an exercise program you enjoy, and establish a collaborative relationship with your physician.

Pocket Guide to Naturopathic Medicine (The Crossing Press Pocket Series)
Combining the best current medical practice with remedies of the past, naturopathic medicine works to enhance your body's innate healing capacity. This pocket-sized volume covers naturopathic medical philosophy, an introduction to natural therapies, and home remedies for 26 common conditions. Every patient who comes into my office receives a copy of this book so that in the future they can begin immediately to take care of acute ailments at home, e.g. colds, burns, diaper rash, indigestion, and menstrual cramping.


Sierra Club Mother Earth Postcard Collection; Through the Eyes of Women Photographers
The Sierra Club Mother Earth Postcard Collection, a companion to the extraordinary photographic and literary collection Mother Earth, presents a unique vision of our planet as seen through the eyes of such talented women nature photographers as Barbara Brundege, Linde Waidhofer, and Pam Roberson. Here, in the Sierra Club tradition of excellence in nature photography, are 22 dramatic full-color, ready-to-mail postcards that reveal the graceful beauty and awesome power of Mother Earth

Mother Earth : Through the Eyes of Women Photographers and Writers
Animals were the teachers of the first humans-showing them what to eat for food; plants to eat for medicine and how to live and even how to die. Animals continue to teach us if we give them a chance. We can learn far more from watching an animal in the wild (when it is involved with its mammalian relationships with all around it) than from cutting it up into pieces in a laboratory to study how a chemical works inside it . . .and thereby killing it. -DOLORES LACHAPELLE Sacred Land, Sacred Sex: Rapture of the Deep

Mother Earth

Mother Earth: Through the Eyes of Women Photographers and Writers, Revised Tenth-Anniversary Edition [SPECIAL EDITION]

Menopause With Science and Soul

Menopause With Science and Soul: A Guidebook for Navigating the Journey (Paperback)


Mental and Emotional Health


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  • The Firm workouts combine aerobics and strength training. Each tape begins with a warm up and ends with stretching.
    The Firm
    1077 Johnnie Dodds Blvd.
    Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464-9934

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